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Thursday, 23 August 2012


Every body laughed at my baby when i took her home. i remember when i bought them people thought theres something wrong with me, that I'm taking this whole fashion thing over the hills. they laughed so hard that i even wanted to take them back and get something a little decent. somehow i just decided not to. you see, i have a voice inside of me that tells to what to and what not to buy, i trust this little voice. people called my baby with nasty names, but when i rocked them on campus, people couldn't believe some one could ever create something this wonderful, i get compliments all the time when i wear them. I've inspired people to go get them. I'm glad its not every body who is brave enough to rock this.
don't tell me you don't see what i see. this is what i call fashion. this is how i used to rock them, but now i just wear them with jeans, I'm over the whole short skirts kind of a look.

a year later, i still find the attractive.

i love my shoes, don't you?


its finally here, spring has finally arrived.
 it is said that we don't live in a cold country, of coarse through out winter we saw a lot of mini skirts with pantyhose. i couldn't wait for spring to finally kick in, and now that its here, i don't think i like it anymore, i had a horrible day today in Johannesburg, it was so hot... but you know what i like about this season? the fashion kills me. winter limits a lot of us, we have to wear heavy jerseys to be warm, heavy boots as well... its so sick. I'm excited about this spring, even though i think its hotter than usual but i think ill make it worth a while. you know something about this hot seasons is that you tend to take advantage of them, i now know we'll be seeing a lot of thighs and stomach outs. skinny girls like showing off, i know i used to do it a lot. but i guess there comes a time when you cant handle looking at your self almost half naked, i mean I'm 21 years old, i sometimes feel like I'm growing too fast. the good thing about my self is that i don't allow my self to gain a lot of weight, if you know you were a couch potato during winter, now its time to work out and get in shape again., though i think you could have started a long time ago.
however, you know when it comes to spring i love NASTY GAL. so i went over to their site to look at what they have.
 its so strange because what i see here, is what i saw during winter. talking about the pleasures of staying in a not so cold country. high waist pants or skirts will never go out of fashion, that i know. wether short or long, high waist is here to stay. theres one thing that im glad about, animal print or should i say leapord print is finally out. though i still love the shoes, but i think a lot of people got the point i was trying to make a couple of months back.
 hot or cold, ankle boots are my thing, i wear them even wen its super hot. they add a nice feel to an outfit.

 the shades are in. i saw them in some shop in jozi and i couldnt take my eyes off them. fortunately i didnt buy them. im saying fortunately because, now i see a lot of people wearing them, both guys and dolls. others just dont get the point of being vintage and differing from the crowd they just mess the fashion sense for all of us. i now know im never going to buy them because every one else has decided to get them too. i dont like common things, i want people to ask me were i got my shades than to say, i saw this shades down town. i love them though, they took my attention in the store because they are cool.

i got all this pictures on the look book of NASTY GAL.