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Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I LOVE PEOPLE THAT MAKE AN EFFORT TO LOOK GOOD... i mean, some people are on a mission to get us talking about their fashion disasters. I'm glad i don't go out much this days, because the things we see are literally going to make us blind. honestly, even celebrities have this moments of not so cool days, if i may call it. thank God we have stylists on earth... i think a lot of people need them. shame on the people that actually don't care... because some of us do... and we talk....
sometimes its not about putting too much work into it, LESS IS MORE, or MORE IS LESS... roger that!
whether or not u look good, people will always talk... rather they talk or say something positive than negative... really some people do it on purpose, and MAN DO WE LAUGH...
i also have my bad days, but my bad days are not so bad... i still look good even when i don't feel good.
I LOVE IT WHEN YOU LOOK GOOD. it means some of us are actually doing good. this blogs and fashion magazines are not there to decorate your computer, or dining tables... they are there to help you out... make use of them.. of us. we are here to help you....
im all about looking good, and different... totally loving the jumpsuit and the hand bag.... awesome.

the colour combination is lovely, who could have thought that these colours actually look good together. i love the heels with the socks... nice look right here.

the dress is lovely... i can wear this.

star black huh! I LOVE IT

LOST FOR WORDS LOL(laughs out loud)

 this is just liberating, the bag is lovely
 love the pants... im all for colour. very trendy
really? need i say more... the dress is so cool, different, and definately not something everyone would wana wear.. im totally into this look, the shades add some funk to the look, which is something i would personally go for. #cries.... I LOVE IT

like i said, less is more and more is less... im digging the shades.. definately the right lingo to use. funkiness baby

is that a bodysuit? either ways, I LOVE THE LOOK... thats all that matters right?.... right!

this is definately me...  the bag and the shoes define me....the jacket not so much... the rest is cool

the jeans*screems* my word... this is what i call art. i adore them... and the jacket is lovely too.


not every body can afford designer clothes, worth thousands and thousands of rands... but it doesn't mean u cannot look fancy with not so expensive clothes.
i look good all the time, and if i told you how mush my clothes cost, you wouldn't believe. most of my clothes are from MR PRICE. they have the most affordable and stylish outfits. I'm all about style... and if you can give me that, then I'm all good. it doesn't matter how much they cost. so here are a few outfits from MR PRICE


OK FIRST OF ALL... i would love to say that, i adore the colour orange. its is so out there and lovely... especially now that its summer... i must say though, i don't see a lot of orange this day. i just know when ever i want to see fashionable people, i shouldn't look any further than at the university of Johannesburg kings way campus... u think you know what fashion is, well... go there and you'll see the most craziest things on mother earth. though I'm disappointed because i don't see what  thought i would see this year. orange lips.
I'm not against red and pink lips, but i think if we embraced orange lips more... this trend of colourful lips would be so lovely. but to this day, people are still afraid of experimenting... because i still see
just red and pink lips its getting boring now.
i my self love my lips when they are Sweet pink, but this days i have a new lip gloss, its orange-goldish, and i absolutely love it.
however i would love to see different colours, lets get rid of the usual and start wearing something outrageous. fashion doesn't have to make sense, you just have to love it, and i have said this a million times now.
i told girls about the new orange lips trend, in fact its not new... its been here for a while now, but a lot of people are not familiar with it.... so i thought, let me start talking about it. others laughed, and u can guess the kind of people that cracked up, when i told them about this trend. however others really loved it. and unless they see what I'm talking about they will never go for it... so I'm not all talk... her are a few pictures i got on line