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Friday, 21 September 2012


glamour girl, the queen of bling... miss khanyi mbau

 whose hotter?
pics from mbaureloaded

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


 A hotty... he's real and his name is Tshepo thobejane....
the dude has swag for days. i don't know whats the deal with the bow tie this days but it works. im one of the people who just hate over doing something. once people start going over the charts with something, i just get irritated. but i love bow ties with passion, and tshepo just knows how to work them. I'm sure you know by now that I'm all for colour, i just don't like colour blocking. his blazers are hot even a blind person can see it. for some reason i just like tshepo... he is hot and swaggerific as some may put it.


Monday, 17 September 2012


 I'm not sure if every guy would wanna embrace this trends... but this is just a snap shot of the latest trends for men. shorts or colourful pants,  even them 1/3 pants as some of us call them.... this is what is rocking the streets today,by today i mean this spring. the men bag is essential it just has a nice blend to any outfit you may want to rock. shades are so in... for both guys and dolls, i know people who just don't feel comfortable wearing them,

i was one of those until i got to understand what they do to me... for me shades add a nice feel to an outfit... some looks are just not complete without them shades.... don't get me wrong please, I'm not talking about ordinary shades, I'm talking about stylish shades.... but that's a subject for another day.... i would like to put an emphasis on shorts and colourful outfits.... embrace them.



yup! you heard right, MAPZ LA-FASHION  is no longer just for female fashion lovers.... i cant ignore a good thing when i see one. i have an eye for fashion not just for the ladies but for the gents too. ever since i created a facebook fan page for my blog, the guys seem to love it too... others even asked me to give them tips too... there is a great need for fashion gurus like me.... so i just decided to do it for the gents as well... this is going to be fun, i can feel it....

Friday, 14 September 2012


aspiring photographer miss Ming lee.
i was telling someone yesterday that... once you become narrow minded and you don't familiarise yourself with different styles... you still have a lot to learn. i on the other hand have decided to embrace every style i come across... it is said that we don't stop learning, you learn until you die. Ming is one of the people i learn from. she exposed me to a different world of fashion than what i was used to. she knows how much i admire her.
i said it before, and i will say it again... i know a lot of south Africa girls could learn a lot from her.
i was going through the platinum group website a couple of days back... and the CEO MR Marcel Joubert mentioned something i find interesting he said :
What drives us is to create amazing product, to create

amazing spaces, to create amazing relationships, amazing

communities - and even to some extent a calling to

rescue South Africa from historically ‘dumbed-down’ fashion

click here to go to their website

if you dont know the platinum group, you still playing.... if you want to expose your self to the finer things in life.... visit one of their stores... its fashion at its best.
i know we have different interests... but once you fall in love with fashion.... you never go back. keep in mind that successful people are open minded.

i love fashion, and i love exploring.... let us be open to receiving what the world of fashion has to offer...

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I'm not sure if i can wear this, but its art that needs to be embraced. high waist jeans are the new in thing at the moment... almost everyone has them. but i feel like  a lot of people took time to embrace this trend. I'm a high waist jeans lover... it surely wouldn't hurt if you take it just a little bit further and embrace the art of these designers. this jeans are beautiful, and now that a lot of people are wearing them, try to differ a little bit and buy some stylish high waist pants. this pic is just to give you an example of what you'd wanna try out. trust me... this is the real deal.

picture available from: nasty gal

the rest of the pics are collected from google images

Friday, 7 September 2012

Beauty By Nature

nqobile mkhabela is her name
spring is here... doesn't she just look all gorgeous...
shes a friend and a fashion guru.... though she doesn't have the time to create her own fashion blog. shes one of the most fashionable people i know... surprisingly, she doesn't even go to the net for fashion tips... she creates her own trends, definitely one of the people who gives me the run for my money. shes not common, which is one of the things i love about her. shes gorgeous!