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Friday, 27 July 2012


 The good thing about me is that I'm not just all talk, i walk the walk and definitely talk the talk. in as much as i love talking about other people and admiring their sense of style, i go out of my way to look good too. ordinary is an insult to me, though sometimes we have to be simple (I'm not sure if i like that).
 Don't get me wrong, sometimes i wear jeans and shirts with pumps, but i don't feel as good as when i went all out with my look. people have to give me compliments atleast on one item I'm wearing. the shoes I'm wearing in the picture above grab all the attention, they are hot and not as expensive as they look. the whole look is less than R700, believe it or not. you can look like a million dollars with the cheapest outfit ever.
 The heels are only R250 at POP HIP BOUTIQUE, the leggings are R65.00, the jacket is R130.00 and the shirt is R75.00 at MR PRICE.
 Moving on to the accessories, the ring is R20.00, bracelet is R30.00, and the earrings are clipons R5.00.
The thing about a lot of people is that, the want the most expensive clothes to look like a million bucks, and really that's not always the case. i have dedicated my self into finding the most affordable looks for my readers, and believe me, people think that i spend a lot of money on my outfits and i spend just a few rands.
i always get compliments with this jacket, i don't even remember where i bought it, but i remember the ridiculous price i had to pay for it (R90.00).

why pay a lot of cash when you can find the same things with quality ofcorse, at a much lesser price? I'm still a student, may it makes sense to want to find the most affordable and yet gorgeous outfit.

if you need advice on how to find affordable clothes, don't hesitate to email me, and to my readers who have been emailing me for advice.... thanks guys for being loyal readers and taking your time to read my blog. *much appreciated*

my email address: zanema28@gmail.com

Thursday, 26 July 2012


you know when you go shopping with friends, you get to discover that a lot of things you take for granted are usually the best. i always looked at the old fashion mags, i call them ancestor mags, they've been here for a while, and honestly... they are growing out of me or I'm growing out of them, either way I'm falling out of love with them. recently i went shopping with my best friends, and one of them picked up a fashion magazine in one of the stores, just to browse through, GRAZIA MAGAZINE. Ive seen magazines, Ive read magazine, Ive liked them on facebook, everything you can possibly think of... but i have never seen such a refreshing, vibrant, and out of the ordinary magazine. there are a few others that i like, but for now, GRAZIA CAUGHT MY EYE. its one of those fashion magazine where you want to see more, the moment you reach the back page, you go uhhhhhhh! wishing there were a few more pages. i love it, its fashion at its best.

just a sneak pic of what you can find in the magazine

pictures available at: http://www.graziadaily.co.za

if you wanna see more, then you got to go get your own copy of the weekly fashion magazine, its to die for.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

I'm all for winter and being warm in winter, but i have a problem with people who are so scared of the cold that they end up wearing, 5 tshirts, two pants, 5 leggings, every outfit they have in their closet, all in the quest of being warm. THAT'S DISASTROUS.  you can be warm in a few clothes, you know what the trick is? buy warm clothes. i went on a holiday in mpumalanga, just to relax and eat the bones of the mind, LOL. i saw the most horrific fashion sense there, i see it in Johannesburg too.... i guess these people are not exposed to blogs, the TV, magazines etc. and i don't really expect everyone to be fashion literate, but i do expect people to read and at least care enough to look good.

if theres one thing Ive learned, is to buy clothes that will look good and warm in winter, but the same clothes should be wearable in spring or summer too. I'm all for skirts and dresses this winter, wear them with warm leggings or stalkings, a warm cropped jacket, ankle boots preferably metallic.
talking about metallic, almost every one is in to it.... i love it too, i think its refreshing and out of the ordinary, be it shoes, a jacket, or pants.... they all work for me. u just have to know how to execute an awesome look. i always say, make a statement where ever you are..... metallic might work for you. METALLIC IS BOLD....... here are a couple of ideas on how you can work it out:

your life might just change if you knew how to dress well.