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Thursday, 29 March 2012


NO THIS ARE NOT MY LEGS... I DON'T HAVE A TATTOO some times i wish i had one though... it looks good on the heels. but this thing is so permanent, and you have to have thousands to take it off, that's if you decide to. thank heavens you can get a temporary one, but after a couple of weeks, it vanishes LOL, and you have to go re do it again and again, what if you really like it? it gets tiring. liking something now, does not mean you'll like it forever... its too complicated. id rather stay with my legs or my feet as they are. after all, nothing beats natural beauty. but this is lovely.


GUESS WHO? its my favourite

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I KNOW A GOOD THING WHEN I SEE ONE... maybe in other things I'm blind, but when it comes to some thing i was born for... damn i see beyond whats in front of me. i love familiarising my self with social networks... just like google you can get away with anything. in my line of work *fashion journalism* I'm kind of obliged to be in every social network... but i must say, i love facebook... you know you can get hold of me anytime.... point being, i found VIV TRENDS on facebook a while ago, but i didn't realise how disgusting this people are... disgusting in a sense that they rock... i just had to right about them.. this is an on line shop from Malaysia... not only are they cheap, but their clothes are of quality, and style in its last degree. it is only today that i saw what this shop is capable of... personally, i adore this kind of clothes... NASTY GAL HAS SOME COMPETITION.... i mean, as far as ma heart is concerned. if you wanna blow me away, this is how you do it:

pictures  available from VIV TRENDS