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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

kluk cgdt

i watched motswako last night, they were talking about fashion, and i actually got to meet or rather see one of south africa's best fashion designers. they recently went to newyork, to show case their work, and i must say, their craft is amazing.

the man behing  this amazing line

you can see they are fashion gurus


so yesterday i was online checking out some things about pregnancy and the things it comes with, some how i found my self looking at something which i initially did not intend on looking at. the nice thing about pregnancy is that, you get spoiled by your loved ones, i know some people don't get that lovely treatment others do. i for one don't have a baby, and i don't intend on getting one any time soon. but i love this little ones, they bring joy in our loves, but the stretch marks......... OH HELL TO THE NO. WOW ITS SHOCKING, I CAN TELL YOU THAT FOR SURE.
 i know what im about to show you is scary, i mean i was stuned too. it makes you think twice about falling preg.
whats scary about it all, stretch marks dont entirely go away, its been proven, the creams just lightens them.